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… an immersive mixed reality installation.

Stefanie Greimel approached Elektropastete looking for support with her master thesis in media science. We liked her idea to enable people to leave traces in virtual space through movement very much and took it upon us to nurture it into a working installation. Over the course of two months we were working from the artist lab at PLATOON Kunsthalle developing and further refining the concept of the installation.

Our installation’s main aim is to provoke interaction with a virtual environment simply using your body as the means of interaction.
This way we keep engagement with the installation as intuitive as possible. The installation consists of a seven meter screen and a kinect camera. The initial state of digital fragments is very much comparable to a blank canvas. By stepping into the interactive zone visitors are given an unique avatar which immediately appears on screen and mirrors their movements.

With their digital representation users have two ways of creating their very own trace inside the virtual space and become part of the ever ongoing collaborative process. In the beginning at least one person needs to touch a second person for a few moments. This triggers the event we call “freeze”, merging both avatars and shifting them towards their inevitable digital decay on the left of the screen.

After having created this first fragment users are able to become “fragmented” by touching the existing pair or alternatively, another person in-real-life.
We were happy to see that just this single rule led to most surprising interactions: two girls took each other by their hands and did a round dance. The resulting constant creation of fragments in fast succession challenged our system – and brought great joy to the girls when it crashed.

Digital Fragments is a process and open for further development and follow up projects.

project mini site: Digital Fragments

next public display:
26th January 2013 at PLATOON Kunsthalle as part of transmediale



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