Malstrøm @ Hackney Downs Studios

Malstrøm @ Hackney Downs Studios

Hackney Downs Studios commissioned Elektropastete to create an A/V installation for the festival ’Once Upon a Wintertime – an immersive east london pop up festival’.

We collaborated with XPLD aka Ersinhan Ersin.
We projected on a 21 metre long circular curtain above the main dance floor.

All of our projected videos of “malstrøm” had one thing in common: every element, shape or animation moved clockwise along our installation, inspired by the fictitious horror vision of a large, swirling body of water, the “malstrøm”. Through the constant virtual movement around the viewer we created quite an hypnotising effect, probably supported by the viewers consume of various stimulants – and experimental live djing.

Our footage consisted of particle based astronomical animations, topographic images, day & night circulations and juxtaposed them to typographic animations of Nazım Hikmet’s poems.


pictures by Meriç Canatan

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