asics worldchampionship moscow

mapping, motion

asics worldchampionship moscow

Our video installation for the ASICS lounge during the 2013 IAFF World Championships in Moscow is based on ASICS research results. Athletes and their individual movements are the starting point and basis for developing their best products, it all depends on scientific data.

Collected by the ISS (Institute of Sports Science) in Kobe, equipped with high-speed cameras, hi-tech measuring equipment and several test rooms, where the worlds’ top athletes come by and test their performance to improve ASICS´ products.

We developed a visual language for each of the 4 sports taking part at the competition: running, long jump, hurdles & javelin.
Using visual elements like strokes, fibres, wires we traced the virtual trajectories of the athletes, sometimes revealing the actual athlete body, sometimes abstracting it in energetic visual flows.

It was back projected on a 11 x 3 meter screen and premiered in the ASICS Lounge during the 2013 IAFF World Championships in Moscow.

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