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intel powerup

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intel powerup

Intel showcased the new Intel Ultrabooks with their DJ-Contest “PowerUp with Ultrabook” in a london underground club.

onedotzero, a agency from london chose MLF and elektropastete to create an audio reactive visual feast for this occasion.

Amplified across outdoor, social and digital a powerful call to action saw over 400 DJ’s enter and finalists battle it out across 6 regional heats for a chance to make it to the final. We were asked to design & develop sound reactive visuals with different looks for each of the six DJs of the final selection.

Because no existing software gave us the creative freedom we needed, we decided to make our own. A tool completely programmed, or better “patched”, in vvvv with many useful features able to run on several ultrabooks at the same time.

The campaign achieved a social reach of 2.5 million and 95 million impressions across all media, and the final night was oversubscribed by 200%. (quote from pd3)

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