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puma bread & butter berlin

mapping, space

puma bread & butter berlin

A simple but powerfull realtime video installation at the bread & butter traid fair 2011 in Berlin, commissioned by gruenklee and PUMA. We had freedom to designed a series of concept graphics, which fit to their specific brand marketing and creativly inspire a big booth of one of the most important fashion traid fairs in europe. The four key colors were translated into simple geometric objects, colliding, moving & flying around like in a lava lamp.

The ​​10m by 4m wall created an constantly changing impression by our generated realtime content.
The PUMA booth was one of the most visited spaces at the b&b traid fair.

Elektropastete got a honorable mention in the yearbook for the best exhibition stands in 2011.

client: PUMA
agency: gruenklee
location: bread & butter berlin

live content: elektropastete
software: elektropastete

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