LO VII: prism wave @ die rakete

LO VII: prism wave @ die rakete

say HI! to our first permanent LED installation at die-rakete nightclub, nuremberg!

project aim / brief

  • create a unique led installation to distinguish the club from its competitors
  • make the installation easy to use for DJs and other crew members without background in lighting to avoid the need for a dedicated lighting technician.
  • make it so novice users are able to produce an aesthetically pleasant and visually refined light show.

user experience

plug & play …
there are several basic loops that can be combined freely. all loops can be colored individually to achieve a maximum of variety. still the user is able to override the running program with four additional effects: single flash, strobe, whiteout and blackout. the user can easily adjust the speed of the light show to the tempo of the music played via a master bpm knob. resync is also implemented.

tech specs

14 fully DMX-controllable RGB LED lights

  • 14 x 1 pixel rgb loops in quicktime movie files are the “samples”, where each pixel defines the intensity for one LED object
  • the user triggers and combines these loops by a nano korg midi interface
  • a puredata patch on a laptop sends RGB values to the ENTTEC USB DMX adapter
  • custom built DMX receivers in the perspex objects transform these values to electric pulses for each LED stripe (pulse width modulation)

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