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If you are an artist, an agency or a company client looking for new ideas and stuff. We are also constantly on the search for new thing, inspiring collaborations with like-minded people, collectives and tech companies.

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Managing Art Director

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studio adress:
alexander trattler
große bergstraße 264-266
22767 hamburg altona

call alex +49 (0) 17610438788

editor of page
alexander trattler

humans we like to work with

Benjamin Schnabel, Julia Klaus, Levente Pavelka, Hannes Brendel, Anton Koch, Maximilian Mittermeier, Artur Musalimov, Raffael Ziegler, Andreas Preis, Florian Böck, Alexander Trattler

Altona 2016

Altona 2015

Altona 2014

Altona 2012

mobile office 2010

nürnberg flat 2009

nürnberg party 2008

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