ep work

we are creators and initiators
research & development in visual communication
for media installations, on stage, tradeshow and events
located in hamburg

motion space stage mapping hardware interactive

about us

what we do
large-format media installations, entertainment on stage, tradeshows and events.

research and development
our power is to customize & design media expierences.
software development, hardware engineering and content creation from one site.

art direction
we are taking care of the process from beginning to the end.

our network is manifold in characteristics of creators.
we focus on progressive asthetics and ideas, our concepts are strong and unique.

fields of activity

collaborations / projection mapping / choreographing an audiovisual performance / interactive installations / stage design / customized electronics / visual merchandising / light installations / interactive applications / 360° content

the key

our experimental, almost research-driven approach to creativity is spurred on by a quest for invention and inspiration and has more in common with hacker and maker DIY culture than it does with traditional advertising or marketing, though it maintains a similarly strong focus on concept, form and aesthetics.

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