For MEW‘s new album +- we created a portable LED light show. We came up with the idea of a tree surrounding the band on stage, inspired by fulgurites, natural hollow glass tubes often formed during lightning strikes. Our LED tree reacts to single hits of drums, guitar chords. Basically any input we want. It […]

A003_C014_0315R7.0000416-1KAT VINTER – MUSIC VIDEO
thumb_MG_8357Hundreds – stage visuals
140605_Reclaim_your_Brain__0007_thumbLightinstallation – Retrothinking
elektropastete, prism cave, die raketeLight Installation Prism Cave
ASICS IAAF Moscow 2013ASICS – Moscow
084_DF_BlogThumbEP @ Red Never Follows
50_Shades-of-Shaders_ThumbnailFifty Shades of Shaders
Intel presents PowerUp with UltrabookIntel: PowerUp with Ultrabook
digital fragmentsDigital Fragments
McLaren P1 Teaser ‘McLaren vs Aerodynamics’McLaren P1 Teaser
LA BOUM FATALE – CONCEPT WORKla boum fatale – concept work
Saatchi & Saatchi - NDS 2012 - Meet your CreatorMeet Your Creator – NDS 2012